Your heart tastes like apples! – Saelia Aparicio y Anousha Payne – En colaboración con Chalton Gallery

Chalton is pleased to present Saelia Aparicio and Anuusha Payne at Casa Equis. The exhibition includes drawings, ceramics and video inspired by their residency in Mexico in the Autumn 2019.

Saelia Aparicio​ operates within the paradoxical spaces that we can find in what we consider the normal and the everyday, using a unique symbolic system to represent, but also to digest, a stark reality. The artist creates a speculative universe for the audience and invites them to imagine with her, creating an ecosystem of characters and situations that drives us, without guiding us, into this fascinating thing we call present. From invasive species, to housing problems, pollution or climate crisis, her work navigates within this convoluted momentum using whispers instead of statements, talking through the materials she uses, the objects she builds, the shapes she creates. This produces in the visitor the aim to imagine and think collectively about alternative futures.

Saelia Aparicio ​(b. 1982, Spain) is a London-based Spanish artist who completed her MA in Sculpture at the Royal College of Art in 2015. Her multidisciplinary work dwells on ideas of the organic, establishing analogies between corporeal and social mechanisms. The body is a malleable source of wonder and horror for Aparicio in her practice that spans large-scale mural drawings and sculptures that often feature modified found objects and mouth blown glass. Humour, and an aesthetic style inspired by comic books and cartoons, belies a concern for the bodily impact of daily life, the environment, disease and age.

In 2019, Aparicio won Generaciones 2019, one of the most prestigious awards for emerging artists in Europe, and was commissioned by the Serpentine Gallery to make the film​ ‘Green Shoots’ f​ or their General Ecology symposium and research project,​ ‘The Shape of a Circle in the Mind of a Fish with Plants’​ in London. Solo exhibitions include:​ ‘Planta, Alzado, Raiz’​, The Ryder, Madrid, (2019) ​‘Prótesis para invertebrados’​, La Casa Encendida, Madrid, Spain (2019); ​‘The World of Craig Green and Saelia Aparicio’​, Matches Fashion and Frieze art fair, Carlos Place and Regents Park, London (2019);​ ‘Cadena Atrofica​’, Murcia, Spain in collaboration with designer Attua Aparicio from Silo Studio (2018);​ ‘Your Consequences Have Actions’,​ The Tetley, Leeds (2017); ‘Peaks & Troughs’, TURF Projects, London (2017); ​‘Burning With Joy’​ , ASC Gallery, London (2016); and ​‘Espeleologia epidermica’,​ Domus Artium, Salamanca, Spain (2015).

Selected Group shows include:​​ Dancing at The Edge Of The World’, Sarah Zanin, curated by Marcelle Joseph, Rome (2020),​‘A Root In My Foundation (performance)​ ’curated by Mire Lee, Seoul Museum of Art, South Korea (2020) curated by Mire Lee,​ ‘Sarabande x Joyce’​ Joyce, Hong Kong (2019), ​‘Retour Sur Mulholland Drive’ ​(curated by Nicolas Bourriaud), La Panacée, Montpellier, France (2017); ​‘Bloomberg New Contemporaries’,​ TheBluecoat,Liverpool,andTheICA,London(2016),and​‘AMystericalDay’​(curatedby Tai Shani), Serpentine Gallery public programme, London (2016).

Aparicio has undertaken the following residencies: FIBRA Platform, Mexico (2019); The Bluecoat, Liverpool, UK (2019); New Contemporaries Studio Bursary with Sarabande: The Lee Alexander Mcqueen Foundation.

(2017-18); Sema Nanji Residency, Seoul Museum of Art, South Korea (2016); Salzamt Aterlierhaus, Linz, Austria (2014); and Joan Miró Foundation, Palma de Mallorca, Spain (2012). @saelia_aparicio

Anousha Payne ​(b. 1991 in Southhampton) lives and works in London and graduated from Camberwell College of Arts with a BFA in 2014. Mainly working with sculpture and painting, her preferred materials are ceramics, textile, plaster, epoxy and watercolour. Recent exhibitions include Disir with Lucy Evetts and Aisha Christensen curated by Kris Day, and Into the Soft with Camilla Reyman in Copenhagen, and a residency at Villa Lena. She has an upcoming solo show at Indigo + Madder in London in June this year.  @anoushapayne

Anousha Payne work explores the human pursuit of spirituality in object form, as a form of cultural expression that is distinct from religious symbolism. Through the process of psychic automatism and free-association, she’s interested in whether it is possible to imbue spiuality into an object, and in the material qualities of religious or spiritual objects; how the material qualities of a work impact our experience of them, and the processes by which they are made inform them. Another important element to her work is storytelling through simple gestures and expressions, reflecting on human interaction and communication. Alongside this she’ interested in Tamil mythology and folklore, creating a personal narrative, and blurring the boundaries between personal experience, fiction and myth.



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